The Hammerschmidt Process

The Hammerschmidt Process

Being charged with a criminal case has many ramifications on a person’s life – some they are aware of and many they’re unaware of. If you hire Hammerschmidt to represent you, we will not only deal with the issues that you see but we will also deal with the issues that you haven’t even considered so that the criminal case has the least amount of impact, overall, on your life that it can possibly have.

Our approach is to help you manage that stress as best we can. We understand that clients may not understand much of the legal process and that can be a particular point of anxiety for our clients. Explaining the entire process – where they stand, what’s going to happen next, and why it’s important to be patient – help us relieve the stress and anxiety of our clients.

One of the keys to our approach is thinking about how the criminal case affects the client’s life. Many of our clients are professionals and the collateral consequences of a conviction are greater than the criminal consequences of a conviction for many of them.

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