My husband and I evaluate Attorney Kevin Rooney’s services as outstanding because they meet all the outlooks that a client can expect: high quality of services, efficiency, amiability, professionalism, knowledge, dedication to the case, timeline met, respectful and punctual. He is the kind of professional that makes you feel confident that even there is a risk in the process there is a high probability to obtain a favorable result from the court.
Attorney Rooney takes advantage of technology to develop his work, as well as, he uses traditional communication. He explains you every step of the process, gives you the timeframe of each phase which makes you feel hopeful and confident that everything will be solved in your favor. With Mr. Rooney you will not only feel represented, but you have an excellent Lawyer to obtain justice for you.
Attorney Kevin Rooney solved my case in less than 60 days.

December 5, 2018