White Collar Criminal Defense

White collar crimes consist of many criminal activities including paper crimes, computer crimes, fraud, embezzlement and many others. Our office regularly defends white collar crimes in both state and federal court. The procedures in federal court are very different than state court.

White collar crimes typically involve crimes that are paper transactions relating to money. All types of banking, loan, tax or investment fraud are included as are times when businesses do not properly designate employees for worker’s compensation and medical billing fraud. Essentially, any way in which a person improperly receives money or benefits can be a white collar crime.

White collar crimes tend to be more complex than most criminal charges. These crimes often involve tens or even hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. Our team will efficiently go through those documents and explain them to you and start presenting a defense. We have law clerks, associates, and partners working on your case to achieve the best possible result.

Broadly, we are seeing a greater number of white collar crimes being pursued and prosecuted. Most white collar crimes are charged at the Federal level although we are seeing more white collar crimes charged and prosecuted at the state level.