Regardless of the criminal accusation or governmental investigation you or a loved one is facing, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Hammerschmidt Law Corporation can craft an effective and aggressive defense plan. 

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime or it’s been discovered that you or a loved on are subject to government investigation, time is of the essence. The sooner you obtain representation with Hammerschmidt Law Corporation, the sooner we can begin working with and for you to a favorable resolution.

What Sets Hammerschmidt Law Corporation apart?

The attorneys at Hammerschmidt Law Corporation understand how important your specific criminal law issue is to you and your family. We also understand how stressful things can be, especially when you’re a professional. Not only do we understand criminal law, but we also understand the implications of criminal charges and government investigation. Hammerschmidt Law Corporation is familiar with the collateral consequences of criminal allegations, convictions, and government investigations on a person’s life.  As a result, we will help guide through any licensing issue you’ll face. We frequently assist clients with medical licenses, nursing licenses, teaching licenses, contractors licenses, real estate licenses, and law licenses, among others.

We endeavor to provide you with high-quality, team-based legal representation. At some law firms, you get the lawyer you hire. However, that is not the case at Hammerschmidt Law Corporation. We thrive on teamwork, including your active participation. You’ll not only have your lead attorney, but you’ll get the combined experience of each attorney in the firm. Our attorneys regularly consult with each other on cases to gain insight or suggestions to get outstanding results.

Additionally, our attorneys are knowledgeable, tenacious, and competent. Details matter, and by attending to every little detail, we can achieve the best results. We thoroughly research and investigate your case to uncover every issue and then carefully formulate and carry out an effective legal strategy which is tailored to you and your goals.