Jeff Hammerschmidt is an outstanding attorney. I hired Jeff Hammerschmidt in early 2009 for felony drug charges. Jeff Hammerschmidt answered all of my questions, got back to me quickly, and kept me up to date on the status of my case. Jeff treated me like a regular guy not some criminal. I would recommend Jeff Hammerschmidt to anyone and everyone who is in need of a great lawyer. Thank You Jeff for all your hard work

Jeff Testimonial 6

Mr. Hammerschmidt helped me seek the best possible outcome for my very unfortunate DUI case. He is personable, but professional, and exceptionally knowledgeable. I trust him implicitly and felt comfortable and confident with all of his legal counsel. He always speaks to me in a way that I can understand, fields all of my questions with clear competence and expertise, and listens with an open mind to my own thoughts and input — all of which I appreciate greatly. I feel absolutely certain that my case would not have been resolved as efficiently with any other attorney as my representative.

Jeff Testimonial 5

Jeff is one of the most kind, professional, honest, upfront lawyers I have met. Please know that with lawyers you get what you pay for! If you want results, you need to hire the best and I think that is Jeff! We were overwhelmingly impressed with him. He was able to get my husbands sentence from a possible 5 years in prison to 3 months in county jail.
We can’t sing his praises enough!

Jeff Testimonial 4

Hands down, Jeff Hammerschmidt instills confidence. Once you talk to him and meet him, you know you will be in excellent hands. He has vast experience from both sides of the law – as a prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney – and he has superb ‘People Skills,’ which is vital in working with you, the prosecution, and the judge. He has earned a phenomenal reputation in the field because he knows the law and because he knows how to work with people, and it is this combination that has earned him the tremendous respect of his peers over the years. He has forged fantastic collegial relationships that have proved his worth as a lawyer and as a solid person. I have no reservations about working with Jeff.

Jeff Testimonial 3

For my DUI case, Jeff Hammerschmidt was able to produce the best possible outcome I could ever ask for (case dismissed). Due to his vast knowledge of California’s penal codes he was able to provide me with clear and concise information regarding the possible outcomes of my case. Jeff and his associates contacted me on a regular basis, via email and phone conversations, as information was relayed to them. Hiring Jeff to represent me was a smart decision. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation I was in, facing a DUI conviction, I highly recommend that you hire Jeff Hammerschmidt as your representation.

Jeff Testimonial 2

My father was a businessman and he always had told me growing up, that if I ever needed an attorney, to ALWAYS HIRE THE BEST. So now that I am a business woman that holds two different professional licenses, I needed to hire the best criminal defense attorney. Needless to say, a FELONY conviction would mean that I would lose both my professional licenses, along with losing my livelihood. And I was NOT going to allow that to happen.
Jeff SUCCEEDED in getting ALL MY CHARGES DISMISSED! I APPRECIATE Jeff for keeping both my reputation and my livelihood, intact. Thank you Jeff, for ALL that you have done for my family and I and for always being there, in my corner, when needed!

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