Expungements for Past Convictions

If you were placed on probation for a crime in California and you’ve successfully completed that probation, you are most likely eligible for an expungement. The expungement would take the conviction off your record for most purposes. In most situations, it would take it off your record for employment purposes.

An expungement must be granted by the courts for certain types of crimes, which means if the paperwork is done properly, the judge will grant the motion. For other types of crimes, such as DUIs, it is within the discretion of the court whether or not to grant the expungement. In those types of cases, it is very important that the motion is extremely well done and very detailed. That takes two things:

  1. It takes the client to do the things we ask them to do
  2. It also takes work for us to get all of the details right so the judge is put in the best position possible to grant the expungement.

The other thing that happens with expungements, especially in the case of DUIs, is that it can greatly reduce the amount of insurance you’re paying. In addition, I’ve had numerous clients tell me that once they’ve had the matter expunged, they feel much better.

To review:

  • Expungements remove most convictions from your record
  • The client must do the things we ask them to do
  • We must do the work and get the details right
  • Expungements bring a sense of relief