Facing Federal Charges for a Drug-Related Crime?

Our Federal Drug Crime Attorneys Can Help Defend You

Many serious crimes involve drugs in some way, whether the person accused was influenced by them, using them at the time, selling or manufacturing them. Such drug-related crimes can be federal or state criminal charges. Federal drug charges tend to be much harsher than state drug charges and can have much more severe penalties. For example, someone charged with a drug-related crime in federal court can face 10 years to life in prison. This type of criminal law can be confusing and complex, especially if the matter goes to court. You want a criminal lawyer well versed in this type of law with an understanding of how the federal court system works, how your Fourth Amendment rights might come into play and how you might be able to wave statutory minimums.

You need a drug crime attorney such as Kevin P. Rooney and Jeffrey T. Hammerschmidt of Hammerschmidt Law Corporation. For over 25 years, Kevin Rooney worked in the Fresno United States Attorney’s Office where he prosecuted a wide variety of federal drug-related crimes. Now, he represents clients in grand jury and criminal matters on the federal, state and appellate levels. Jeffrey Hammerschmidt worked as a prosecutor for drug cases and now defends federal drug cases. Both attorneys possess the experience and skill needed in cases involving federal drug charges that can build you a strong defense or see that your sentencing is reduced.

What Are Federal Drug Crimes?

Anyone who is arrested for a drug-related crime could end up being prosecuted on a federal level. However, typically you can be brought up on federal charges for a drug-related crime if you were caught:

  • Selling or manufacturing drugs.
  • By a federal officer on federal land.
  • With the help of a federal informant.

It is also possible that charges will be brought up on a federal level due to an agreement between federal and state prosecutors. Federal drug charges can apply to illegal drugs, such as heroin and cocaine. However, you can also be brought up on charges for illegally using or distributing legal drugs as well, such as Percocet.

Some examples of federal drug crimes include:

  • Possession or possession with intent to distribute.
  • Drug manufacturing, selling or trafficking.
  • Organized crime that involves drugs (such as creating an organization that controls and promotes drug manufacturing, selling or trafficking).

How Are Federal Drug Charges Different?

As of 2012, drug offenses were the second most committed federal crime (second only to immigration offenses). They account for almost 30 percent of federal crimes. Sentencing guidelines for federal drug charges depend on multiple factors, which is another good reason to have experienced drug crime attorneys working for you who understand the system. Judge and juries weigh a defendant’s criminal history (if he or she have been arrested before, for what and how serious it was) against the severity of the drug crime they currently stand accused of. For example, it will weigh heavily against a defendant if their crime resulted in someone else’s bodily harm or even death. People who were minimally involved in the drug crime, however, might be viewed more favorably.

The amount (quantity) of drugs is very important because federal law includes mandatory minimum sentences based on drug quantity. For example, two ounces of methamphetamine (50 grams) could lead to a mandatory minimum sentence of at least ten years in federal prison and a maximum of life imprisonment. You need an attorney who understands how to eliminate a mandatory minimum sentence – what is the correct drug quantity, how to use the safety valve provision and when a minor role reduction applies. Your conduct after you have been arrested, in court and as you do your time might factor into you eventually having your time reduced. You may even have a chance to serve some of your time in a drug treatment center. Everyone’s case is different, however, and you would need to consult with drug crime attorneys to understand more about the specifics of your situation.

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