People v. Logan M.

Description: Client charged with felony theft with one prior strike and three prison priors for total exposure of 9 years prison with 15% eligible good time credits. Outcome: Misdemeanor probation with 27 actual days jail credit and 32 additional days to serve on the Adult Offender Work Program.

People v. McFarland

Description: Client charged with strike offense of residential burglary with resident present. Outcome: Our motion to dismiss on Federal and State Constitutional ground was granted. Case was dismissed in its entirety.

People v. Dean

Description: Client was charged with ten felony counts of illegal possession of firearms and one misdemeanor count of illegal possession of firearms. Outcome: The court granted Mr. Hammerschmidt motion to reduce all felonies to misdemeanors and the client was permitted to serve his jail time as community service.

United States v. Toulu Thao

Description: Dr. Toulu Thao was arrested at gunpoint by five U.S. Marshalls at his office, the Fresno Office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He was the first person ever to be prosecuted for allegedly filling out a government ethics form incorrectly. The government conducted a five-year investigation that resulted in nearly 9000…

People v. Lipe

Description: Client was charged with felony marijuana cultivation. Case was plea bargained to a misdemeanor with no additional jail time. Outcome: Felony drug cultivation reduced to misdemeanor

People v. Volak

Description: Client was accused of assaulting a co-worker. While case was pending filing by the DA’s office, I authored a letter to the Deputy DA handling the matter and convinced him that the alleged victim lacked credibility. I further established my client’s good work history and reputation. The DA’s office thereafter decided not to file…

People v. Talia

Description: Client was charged with robbery. A conviction for this offense would have prevented the client from joining the military. The client had been accepted by the military on the condition that it not result in a felony conviction Outcome: Client pled to a misdemeanor theft and received credit for time served. Client received one…