U.S. v. Lawrence M.

Description: The client was charged with possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute. Held in custody without bail and faced a ten-year mandatory minimum sentence. Outcome: Case dismissed after motion to suppress filed. Client released from custody.

Amir N.

Description: Was investigated for an alleged felony that occurred during his work as a physician. Attorney prepared client for interview with law enforcement. Outcome: Following the two hour interview the detective informed attorney and client that no crime occurred and the investigation was not submitted to the District Attorney. Physician was then allowed to return…

U.S. v. Carmen C.

Description: Charged w/ Conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance (meth/heroin). Outcome: Pled to a lesser charge with no mandatory minimum and sentenced to Probation with no additional time in jail or prison.

J.L. Padilla

Description: Employer with $15,000,000 in annual payroll charged with three felony counts of workers compensation premium fraud and exposure of up to 7 years in prison. Outcome: One non-fraud misdemeanor with no jail time, $7,500 in restitution and community service.  Employer was permitted to retain his professional license and he was not deported. (Deportation would…

People v. Gregory O.

Description: Charged with bribing a legislative body member and aiding and abetting an official in becoming financially interested in a contract. Plead guilty to Government Code 1090 (b) with remaining bribery counts dismissed. Outcome: Sentenced to 3 years probation with brief sentence served entirely on electronic monitor.

People v. Logan M.

Description: Client charged with felony theft with one prior strike and three prison priors for total exposure of 9 years prison with 15% eligible good time credits. Outcome: Misdemeanor probation with 27 actual days jail credit and 32 additional days to serve on the Adult Offender Work Program.

DMV Hearing

Description: I appeared at a DMV Hearing and argued that a license suspension should be set aside because there was insufficient evidence of blood alcohol level at the time of driving. Outcome: Suspension was set aside